Our company utilizes our in-house advanced laboratory where we can test the zinc or aluminum content as well as the physical properties of a single wire. For the purpose of quality control, we only use high-quality galvanized wires, round tubes and square tubes for our raw materials. On average, our operators have more than 3 years of industry related experience. The welders have accumulated highly appropriate technical knowledge and a diverse set of experiences, thus giving us a product pass rate of up to 98%. Additionally, state-of-the-art machines and technologies allow us to ensure a high output of up to 5000m per day. We utilize exceptional packaging methods to ensure our products arrive to our customers in perfect condition. You see, at GM we think very carefully about every aspect of production and management and carefully implement the most effective measures so we can provide our clients with high quality at the best possible price!

GM Laboratory

    Laboratory for raw materials

    Chemical analysis
    Aluminum content and zinc content of the raw wires are detected here.

    Physical performance test for metal fences
    A universal testing machine is introduced for detecting the breaking strength, the yield strength, and the elongation rate for single wire. Wire tensile and solder joint tensile strength of the fences are also tested here.

Fence Packaging

    Metal fence packaging
    Fences are packed according to clients’ requirements in GM.

Stacking Area for Finished Fences

    GM has a large stacking area occupying 2 thousand m2.

Fence Welding Shop

    16 welding platforms are set for the requirements of mass production.

    Fence netting welding
    Workers are welding the fence netting mainly applied in hydraulic engineering and highway.

Warehouse for Raw Material & Steel Cutting Shop

    Steel cutting
    The worker is cutting the steel materials to the standard dimension with an electric bench saw.

    Raw material for metal fences
    GM produces metal fences from galvanized wires, square pipes, and angle irons, etc.

Product Loading & Shipping

    Our metal fences are mainly delivered from Tianjin Port.

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