Production of the Welded Wire Mesh:
Wire straightening -- Welding -- Bending -- Plastic coating -- Finished products

Production of the Gabion Basket:
Mechanical weaving -- Manual weaving -- Packaging -- Finished products

Production of the CM Post:
Shaping -- Punching -- Shot blasting -- Powder coating

CM Post Manufacturing

    CM Post Forming
    CM post shaping: GM possesses 2 forming machines to process the CM post made from galvanized steel sheet.

    CM Post Punching
    The punching operation is mainly done by 2 pressing machines.

    Shot Blasting
    Shot blasting for accessories of CM post: Before powder coating, all of the spare parts must undergo 2 shot blasting steps.

    Powder Coating
    CM post spraying: The fully automatic powder coating line will spray powder on the CM post surface with a spraying thickness of 0.1mm.

Gabion Basket Manufacturing

    Mechanical Weaving
    Gabion basket weaving: GM possesses 7 gabion machines for weaving the gabion basket.

    Gabion machines: The gabion machine features a high production efficiency of 4m/min.

    Manual Weaving
    Manual weaving for gabion basket: Here the gabion baskets have to be trimmed and folded manually for further shaping.

    Gabion basket packing: Generally 45 sets of gabion baskets are packed together into one pack by the packaging machine for convenient shipping.

  • Warehouse for Finished Gabion Basket
    Finished gabion baskets

Welded Wire Mesh Manufacturing

    Wire Straightening
    Wire straightening for welded wire mesh: GM has introduced 16 wire straightening machines which can straighten and cut the wires automatically with high precision and flat cutting result.

    Wire Welding
    Welded wire mesh welding: Each mesh welding machine can realize a high efficiency of 500 meshes for 8 hours.

    Mesh Bending
    Welded wire mesh bending: Bending operations are necessary for parts of the meshes before or after powder coating.

    Plastic Coating
    Automatic plastic coating line for welded wire mesh: The automatic plastic coating line is employed to coat 0.8-1mm thick of plastic layer on the wire mesh surface.

    Finished Welded Wire Mesh
    Packed welded wire mesh: The well-produced welded wire meshes are coated with plastic film waiting here for delivery.

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